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When You Can’t Sing in Corporate Worship

“There’s no time like the present for worship leaders to put even more thought into the important ministry of putting songs on the lips of God’s people.” Continue reading

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Let the Pandemic-Concessions-for-Corporate-Worship Redemption Begin!

“We need not be thankful for the coronavirus, of course, but seeking how we might adjust our worship practices in the months ahead in light of what we’ve learned during the pandemic might be a way of being thankful in all circumstances (1 Thes. 5:18), which would be very redemptive, indeed.” Continue reading

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MLK, Current Events, and 135-Year-Old Corporate Worship

To whatever extent it’s true that “silence is violence” (a fascinating discussion for another day, assuming one is  willing to engage in dispassionate, heuristic dialogue), newspaper op-eds and the various spheres (Twitter-, blogo-) of social media are rife with pacifists, such is the significant volume–quantity and loudness–of the commentary these days. Continue reading

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Bidding Farewell to The Practice

“Those smaller fellowships that do survive COVID-19 might very well end up determining that the worship practices heretofore deemed immutably necessary for cultural relevance in 2021 and beyond no longer make sense for them in our current reality.  And that might look a lot like The Practice.  Here’s hoping.” Continue reading

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Songwriting Tips from the Experts, Part 9

“I was doing a concert, and I sat down at the piano and started playing a new song in D, and the crowd started clapping even though they’d never heard this song, because what I was playing in D [sounded like] what I always habitually play in D on the piano, and they thought it was a song they’d already heard.” Continue reading

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