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MLK, Current Events, and 135-Year-Old Corporate Worship

To whatever extent it’s true that “silence is violence” (a fascinating discussion for another day, assuming one is  willing to engage in dispassionate, heuristic dialogue), newspaper op-eds and the various spheres (Twitter-, blogo-) of social media are rife with pacifists, such is the significant volume–quantity and loudness–of the commentary these days. Continue reading

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Songwriting Tips from the Experts, Part 9

“I was doing a concert, and I sat down at the piano and started playing a new song in D, and the crowd started clapping even though they’d never heard this song, because what I was playing in D [sounded like] what I always habitually play in D on the piano, and they thought it was a song they’d already heard.” Continue reading

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A Thought on and a Prayer for Willow Creek (and for All of Us)

“[Power], if left unchecked by worship, [will] destroy me, my marriage, and anything I have to give to the world” (Andy Crouch). Continue reading

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Emmaus Road Worshipers: Surprised by Worship

Of all the cool post-resurrection stories in Scripture, my favorite is the account of the disciples walking along the road to Emmaus on the very day that Christ rose from the dead: That same day two of Jesus’ followers were … Continue reading

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